A Dragon Adventure

From inking, manual tracing and digital rendering. I mastered producing designs for shirts. Here is a sample of shirt design I made for Swatches. Sorry for the tiny preview, I just copied it at one of my social networking sites.

Sadly some of my works are deleted forever. Thanks to computer complications but anyways I still produce designs that can be applied to shirts and stuffs.

This one is lucky enough to survive! Oh my glob. I think I want to make an Adventure Time shirt soon!

The gradient on this one is strong. Pew, pew, pew. Do you also spend a little longer on choosing the right colors?  Neon colors are my favorite!



Hallo! A halloween themed vector art I made for Gnarly! I am such a fan of vectored based designs but actually it all depends on the over all impact if its in my taste. Gnarly! has this light yet funky feel I love.

Here’s a little info about Gnarly! Established in 2008, Gnarly! is a lifestyle brand dedicated to introducing and sustaining a streetwear culture fueled by comics, music, skateboarding, street food, people, and most especially, extreme fun to individuals worldwide.

Gnarly! aims to spread the streetwear culture to the Philippines, as it sees the massive potential of its people to become the next set of global trendsetters. You can check their page at Facebook: Gnarly! Facebook.

Okay enough of my vector fan cheerio! You can visit the online store and order online here:
 Gnarly! Store Online. So what are your plans for halloween? How about joining a cause foundation for a change?

Have a happy day!