Make It Marikina 2013!

Although all of us wrapped up all the ingredients last year, this year will be hence more challenging for us. All the provocative canvasses and agenda’s sprouted like magic last year and it will continue to grow. I have a really big shift this year for I am changing my path to a new level. Sorry for those who I missed on emails I am busy with all the development and studying.

As you all know the Marikina website is now up again and you can visit it here: it is very useful for all of the people who really wanted to know more about our city and festivities going on. My tutorials will still continue though you can also reach me through our Facebook page and email. I will focus more on livelihood tutorials and free training offered at CENTEX. You can visit CENTEX at the 2nd floor of the Marikina City Hall and inquire for the FREE courses for Marikina citizens.

If you are not a resident you can still enroll at Marikina Polytechnic College for TESDA accredited short courses and just pay a minimum fee. I’ll keep you posted. Have a wonderful 2013 Marikenyo’s!


A Minute of Game Characters

I’ve been fond of pewdiepie’s YouTube channel since I started watching it. He blogs about games and some walk through and guides. I am a big fan of PC games and some online games and the quality is always a major priority for me no matter how shallow the plot is. People always blab about how good the graphics are no matter how lame the story and span of the game.

Although I am into graphics I still indulge myself with games I can enjoy playing for years like the old school Monkey Island. It made my mind twist and think! It is so hard for me that I really didn’t finished the entire game story, I didn’t know that time that there are cheats and guides online but anyhow it i will just bore you if you will cheat and know all about the game.

So to spice up my dream of developing a game like Ragnarok and Starcraft I’ve been sketching some characters of my own way back in elementary. It looks contorted that time at least now they kinda have a spirit on my work. So I made these quick paint with the help of smudge tool for less than an hour.

First one is Sairen and the second one I named her Malaya. You can send me a request about a character you want me to develop like this one. I hope everyone received already my emails regarding my new batch of granted requests! I can’t really post the other entries cause its a personal request. Have a fun filled November with less spook!

Belle de Jour Women Empowerment

Belle de Jour’s lightens every girl with its activities and events!

They held an event last October 14 and it boosts women empowerment activities and sharing of blogs and ideas on how every girl can improve their inner strength. A little contest on shirts and giveaways are one of the highlights for the followers.

I made a simple design for BDJ and a little vector came handy for me since its not really a gradient spree.  Geometric shapes are a trend on shirt designs nowadays but I am thinking of something new to the eye so I will be posting a little information about that concept this month.

Enjoy your weekend guys and as what BDJ said, “I am not like you, I am like me.” made me chuckle in a weird way!

Tracking and Sketch

I’ve been developing and coordinating with some people regarding this new technology on tracking devices. I am really excited to be part of the project although it may take some time to release the product. My art pile is stock up so I will release this one.

This is so old school, made this on my college days. I don’t use any tablet or pens in all of my works, they are pure manual, yes, with the use of scanner and simple editing on Photoshop. A simple trick: adjust the color level and balance. Here’s a digi paint I made.

I already posted and emailed and artwork requests I verified. I managed to get the work done for a couple of people. Its really nice to hear you liked it! Well, a little credit on recognition is okay with me if you will try to make a profit out of it. Blah.

That’s it, my postage is open right now for requests and collabs.  I’ll leave it all to you guys!

Marikina Hotel

As much as we know  tourists who wants to rest for a day at Marikina City is bewildered where is the perfect place to stay. Marikina caters an exquisite hotel named Riverbend Hotel. It is located at  84 Bonifacio Avenue Barangka Marikina City inside the Riverbanks Center you can call their landline at 9489750/9489756.

You can download this brochure for reference in case you are planning to visit the place.

It is a perfect venue for events and meetings, the dining experience is great and the landscape is bound for photo shoots. Let me know what you think about it!

Love as I See It

You have the power to inspire all people from different cultures with such energy. ..

There is a mystery in every smile. Truth is it is often longing for an answer.

But the type one longs for is a smile that cracks you up comfortably.

A smile that makes giggles in all forms of colors. The one that breaks boundaries!

The feeling of butterflies in your tummy!  A solid burst of laughter and freedom.

You carry it everywhere, you carry it all the time.

A smile with such calmness and warmth with undivided attention,

is a smile asking for an answer…

“Can I keep you?”

*Here it is! For all the smiles and inspiration from you guys! Thanks for Sienna and Michelle (models).

This is my entry on island rose and I hope you would visit their site too. It is extremely romantic!

I am caught with the services and goodies at their official site. Better check it.

Stay inspired!