I am Happy!

Smile like a boss! My entry for the contest. I printed out the little smileys there. I had fun working on this video specially the muppets I made. Edited it at AE and published at AP.

The scoring is pretty simple, I used Ingrid Michelson’s ,”Be Ok” and some sound effects on AP. Thank you for the BASS and recurring sound it sounded cheery! Well, have a happy day everyone!



The Daily Hapee Habit!

Playing with graphics and editing mood on! Here’s my little demo for Hapee. I actually want to change the music but I think the first second of beats goes pretty well. What do you guys think?

People are asking, why can’t I upload fast on YouTube? The file size matters! Lower resolution will solve the problem. You can convert a 100MB to 4MB dramatically. I will make a tutorial on that one and post it when I finish it.

Be happy!