Tracking and Sketch

I’ve been developing and coordinating with some people regarding this new technology on tracking devices. I am really excited to be part of the project although it may take some time to release the product. My art pile is stock up so I will release this one.

This is so old school, made this on my college days. I don’t use any tablet or pens in all of my works, they are pure manual, yes, with the use of scanner and simple editing on Photoshop. A simple trick: adjust the color level and balance. Here’s a digi paint I made.

I already posted and emailed and artwork requests I verified. I managed to get the work done for a couple of people. Its really nice to hear you liked it! Well, a little credit on recognition is okay with me if you will try to make a profit out of it. Blah.

That’s it, my postage is open right now for requests and collabs.  I’ll leave it all to you guys!