Belle de Jour Women Empowerment

Belle de Jour’s lightens every girl with its activities and events!

They held an event last October 14 and it boosts women empowerment activities and sharing of blogs and ideas on how every girl can improve their inner strength. A little contest on shirts and giveaways are one of the highlights for the followers.

I made a simple design for BDJ and a little vector came handy for me since its not really a gradient spree.  Geometric shapes are a trend on shirt designs nowadays but I am thinking of something new to the eye so I will be posting a little information about that concept this month.

Enjoy your weekend guys and as what BDJ said, “I am not like you, I am like me.” made me chuckle in a weird way!


The Era of Digital Market

It just crossed my mind, would it be possible that after a century or more people would also be studying on the remains and belonging of the people of today? Bet they will be curious about VHS, cassette tapes and other stuffs we are using. If someone will attempt to archive this blog I hope you can do it. I am talking to the people of the future. Pretty amazing if it will happen.

We are in a digital era. Having a website is just the beginning. There’s an entire internet out there, full of your customers. Some of them are talking about you. Do you love what they’re saying? Do you know what they’re saying?

Influence the buzz about your business and get in front of new customers with an effective online strategy.

  • Help your customers find you through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Build your reputation and cultivate customer relationships through social media
  • Position yourself as an expert and become a house-hold name with your own web show or podcast
  • Get noticed by purchasing advertising on sites your target market already frequent

Charities and advocates of good will should know this. Let me help you spread the good side here on earth. I will help you develop your business’ online strategy to reflect the ways that your target market use the internet, and create methods of measuring the success of your campaigns so you can continually hone your message.

It is sad to say that people with skills and knowledge on this is so abrupt and selfish that helping is nowhere to find. That is why I am helping small institutions to be heard on the web. If you are a skilled artist or programmer join us and be one of us. Let us help spread the good news and message to help the poor and worthy advocacy online.

Talk to Me

credits to Anuk

Are you pressured? Don’t know what to do? Find life is meaningless? Hold on for a second and take time to read this. Cause I want you. Yes, you.

I know you are depressed in a way. But how about talking for us in awhile? Need someone to talk to? Don’t hesitate everything is confidential and consider us as your friends. We can talk and have a nice time whether its the most little thing that irritates you or makes you down. Suicide is not the answer, not this time. Not until you talk to us. Are you depressed?

For some, they feel sad or down, or “blue” and are unable to enjoy their normal activities. They may feel hopeless. They may have trouble sleeping and have no appetite and lose weight. Another person with depression may start eating more and sleeping all the time. They may feel guilty and irritable. Another person may become angry, discouraged or volatile and compulsively throw themselves into their work or hobbies. They may engage in reckless behavior, be suicidal or talk about harming themselves. Yet all of these people may have depression.

People’s experiences with the illness often differ dramatically. Your symptoms can vary based upon who you are as an individual, your gender, your genetics, your coping mechanisms, your support structures, your relationships, and the culture in which you live. So are you depressed? Suicidal?

How about adding us up on Facebook? Here’s our page: Natasha Goulbourn Foundation

Give us a call, we are your friends. We will help you. We want to talk to you! Call us anytime of the day. Or you may want to visit our website:

Information and Crisis Intervention Center (ICIC)

(632) 804-HOPE (4673)

0917-558-HOPE (4673) or (632) 211-4550

0917-852-HOPE (4673) or (632) 964-6876

0917-842-HOPE (4673) or (632) 964-4084

I will wait for your call. We can talk.   🙂

A Kiddie Bazaar

Been adjusting this series of posters and PR materials. Anyhow here’s one of my works for a kiddie bazaar. In case you are wondering around this is run by kids. Yes, RUN BY KIDS with all caps.

I also worked on the website itself and managing different brand pages for years now. If you want to see the website I made you can visit it here: Junior Preneur.

The Junior Preneur Bazaar is a venue where kids can start early on being business oriented. A 1-day event full of activities presented by our sponsors and partners. Probably will just post a bit here cause I already filled the website with all the infos.

With over 3,000 kids expected to participate in the said event, the pre-Christmas bazaar serves as an early training for business minded tots. Tiendesitas is the place to be on November 10, 2012.  A major venue for events show casting Filipino Excellence!  Lots of other activities in one location for the whole family.

Of course, Games and Raffles will happen whole day from 12noon to 8pm.  Let’s make this Saturday event different from our usual weekend.

Date is November 10,2012. Hope this will be helpful to mommies and daddies who like their child to experience some entre skills. Hop in!

A Blessed Christmas

You know what I vividly remember when I am a child was these car scene. Me and my cousins are at the back seat and my tito and late tita is at the front seat. We are all shouting and doing crazy stuff at the back. I was the eldest in the group of kids that time. I heard my tito telling my tita, “Bakit mo pa kasi sinama yung mga bata eh.” with a dissapointed face. My tita then answered back, ” Ano ka ba, children are God’s blessings.” I always like my tita’s sunny disposition in life. I don’t know why it hit me for years. Seriously, I always remember that line from my deceased tita. I totally got into slumber and cried for nights when I found out she died of breast cancer. I always remember her as a warm and supportive woman who loves her family and who loves kids.

Children will always remember what you told them. How you make them felt, how you treat them as a kid. This may sound funny but it is true. At time you think a child can’t hear you, they feel what you mean towards them. A child have a sense if a person is good natured or not. That is why feeding opinions, beliefs and practices starts as a kid. Treat them well with love, care and respect. Nourish their spirit and as much as possible don’t physically hurt a child for his or her misbehaving. I believe this is not an answer.

I am sharing this for as we all know Christmas is usually joyful and anticipated by kids. If you want to bringing the Joy and Hope of Jesus this Christmas to these kids…  they really need your help. You can contact them here.

Gift Giving 2012

World’s Largest Shoes

The world’s largest shoes, recognized by the Guinness Book World of Records, are 5.29 meters long, 2.37 meters wide, and 1.83 meters high, and could hold 30 pairs of normal-sized feet.

The gigantic pair can be found in Marikina City, the shoe capital of the Philippines found northeast of the Manila metropolitan area. It took 77 days in 2002 to build them, using enough material to make 250 regular pairs.

The city also houses the Shoe Museum, which exhibits part of the infamous shoe collection of former First Lady Imelda Marcos, together with shoes of world leaders, past presidents, famous celebrities, and other notable personages. It is said to be the largest gathering of shoes from around the world.

One would expect, with all the attention paid to footwear, that the Philippines, or Marikina City for that matter, would be a formidable center for the shoe industry. Alas, the local industry has long been struggling and has been declared to be in its death throes.

So it is certainly good news to learn that there are still some local shoe houses that are alive and kicking. One such venture is Figura shoes, which has a factory of workers in Tanon, Marikina and uses good-quality local materials.

Ali Figueroa, Figura’s proprietor, has told me that it hasn’t been easy, but based on his stories about his trips to the south where he has gathered inspiration from fabrics and jewelry for footwear, it seems Figura is up to its task to start reconfiguring the local shoe industry.
Credits to Benetton check out the blog here.

Marikina Shoe Festival 2012: “Walk This Way”

It did not take even a week for me to crack and spazz the usual spazz — wanting so much to see the event with my own eyes and shooting to my heart’s delight. I simply love it when Marikina does this. And it gets even better because my city has once again promoting what it does best: Shoe Production!

So today, me and my friend Chesca started our adventure by walking along Calumpang road (aka JP Rizal st.) towards where one of the venues was. The weather was great, the breeze was picking up… it was a best day to see and document!

But first, I’d happily commend the creative strategies Marikina did to promote the event. If I’m not mistaken, this be a Guerrilla style of advertising which worked just wonderful!

(Introductory banners along Dong Juan Sumulong Ave. with arrows navigating people to where the venues were. There was “Elegant,” “World Class,” “Affordable,” — proud traits of Marikina shoes!)

There were the “paper bag” displays around Plazas with the details of the event — the title, the venues and how long the event would run (until December 2012, ladies and gentlemen).

And there were foot prints of their tagline, Walk This Way, on the pavement starting from the Marikina Bridge running to JP Rizal st. (and Shoe Ave, if I’m not mistaken?). One could not simply miss these since it was painted hugely and artistically; I literally smiled the first time I saw it.

Arriving at the venue (at the Patio Del Zapateros), we were greeted by merriment of visitors and attentive store keepers. I actually quite liked the fact that there were Marikina Officers around the place, a mini stage with a screen (for entertainment, I’mma sure), free seats and table and really spacious (and mighty clean!) area to go around.

I also noticed that there were selective local brands outside and have their own stalls while others were inside another building. I think these local brands do a rotational exposure: 10 selected brands would have a chance to showcase their works on a bigger and noticeable outdoor area and then the next 10 would do the same, after a certain period of time. I’m just guessing really.

(the other local brands found inside the building. There were so many! I couldn’t go around with the amount of visitors inside. Heh. Heh.)

A small section of the venue where they placed historical details and facts regarding the blooming of shoe production here at Marikina plus photos.

Oh. Whoever thought of that, “Shoe-Kat ka!” and “Shoe-per star of the Week!” I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. I couldn’t help but giggle at it. Fine fine word play, if I do say so myself. I love it really.

Price range, you ask? My buddy and I went around to inspect and saw pairs of shoes amounting from 200PHP to 700PHP (I’d confirm once more if I have time to go back! I want to buy myself a pair or more!). Not bad, really. And with a sturdy quality like that, it’s definitely a catch. One can find themselves in treasures of designs and types — all having different sizes. Great, yeah?

That saying, for shoe-loving persons like me! and for those who are interested to see Marikina’s local branded shoes and the event itself, come by here and experience Marikina’s Walk This Way Shoe Festival! There are so much fun going, styles to choose from, and affordable shoes to buy buy buy!

Thank you for this event, Marikina!

– Jiandra, ever the Marikina City-fan


Credits to Ms. Jiandra go on and visit her wonderful blog here.