Make It Marikina 2013!

Although all of us wrapped up all the ingredients last year, this year will be hence more challenging for us. All the provocative canvasses and agenda’s sprouted like magic last year and it will continue to grow. I have a really big shift this year for I am changing my path to a new level. Sorry for those who I missed on emails I am busy with all the development and studying.

As you all know the Marikina website is now up again and you can visit it here: it is very useful for all of the people who really wanted to know more about our city and festivities going on. My tutorials will still continue though you can also reach me through our Facebook page and email. I will focus more on livelihood tutorials and free training offered at CENTEX. You can visit CENTEX at the 2nd floor of the Marikina City Hall and inquire for the FREE courses for Marikina citizens.

If you are not a resident you can still enroll at Marikina Polytechnic College for TESDA accredited short courses and just pay a minimum fee. I’ll keep you posted. Have a wonderful 2013 Marikenyo’s!


Belle de Jour Women Empowerment

Belle de Jour’s lightens every girl with its activities and events!

They held an event last October 14 and it boosts women empowerment activities and sharing of blogs and ideas on how every girl can improve their inner strength. A little contest on shirts and giveaways are one of the highlights for the followers.

I made a simple design for BDJ and a little vector came handy for me since its not really a gradient spree.  Geometric shapes are a trend on shirt designs nowadays but I am thinking of something new to the eye so I will be posting a little information about that concept this month.

Enjoy your weekend guys and as what BDJ said, “I am not like you, I am like me.” made me chuckle in a weird way!

Philippines Second Catholic Saint

People can die because of gossip.  A little research will do on how it some to the point where it go wrong. I will insert a clip from Yahoo below regarding the news. I encourage you research about the whole story about his life and challenges.

Filipinos rejoice as the Vatican lifts Cebu native Pedro Calungsod to sainthood Sunday, an event that Malacanang says marks “great spiritual joy.” Calungsod, born in 1654, was a missionary and suffered “religious persecution” before dying on April 2, 1672.

Church bells rang in different parts of the country as Pope Benedict XVI declared San Pedro Calungsod a Saint. The Pope himself lauded Saint Pedro Calungsod’s martyrdom, and noted that the Filipino Saint “lived a life of purity and dedication.” In his homily, the Pope noted that Saint Calungsod “could have fled for safety” following threats to his life while in a mission in Guam but chose to die in defense of his faith. The Pope also hoped that Saint Calungsod would “inspire the dear people of the Philippines to announce the kingdom bravely & win souls for God.”

During a mission in Guam, Calungsod, along with Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores, defied threats and persecutions just to preach Christianity. He also helped baptize infants and was able to help convert Chamorros to Catholicism. “As a nation and as a people, we are embarking on a journey towards a better future. The challenges are many, yet with unity, courage and faith in the Almighty, I am extremely confident that we will rise above these challenges. Upon the initiation of His Eminence Ricardo Cardinal Vidal in 1994, Saint Pedro Calungsod was later beatified in 2000 by Pope John Paul II.

“In 12 short years, the canonical requirements for his canonization has been fulfilled. We join the Catholic world on this day of solemn commemoration and celebration,” Valte said. Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino Saint, was canonized in 1987. He was killed in Japan for refusing to drop Catholicism.

Off Price Show

A wrap of branded clothing is a buzz for girls. I don’t know but I am the type who cares for quality not really branded. Being practical and basic is enough for me in terms of clothing and some gadgets.

This is a not so old work from me. If you are a shopaholic and loves branded clothes then better check their next event. You can view my other works at their page in Facebook, you can search it in a heartbeat.

Also worked on the website of this event which is pretty simple.
Click here if you want to visit the site: Off Price Show

A Kiddie Bazaar

Been adjusting this series of posters and PR materials. Anyhow here’s one of my works for a kiddie bazaar. In case you are wondering around this is run by kids. Yes, RUN BY KIDS with all caps.

I also worked on the website itself and managing different brand pages for years now. If you want to see the website I made you can visit it here: Junior Preneur.

The Junior Preneur Bazaar is a venue where kids can start early on being business oriented. A 1-day event full of activities presented by our sponsors and partners. Probably will just post a bit here cause I already filled the website with all the infos.

With over 3,000 kids expected to participate in the said event, the pre-Christmas bazaar serves as an early training for business minded tots. Tiendesitas is the place to be on November 10, 2012.  A major venue for events show casting Filipino Excellence!  Lots of other activities in one location for the whole family.

Of course, Games and Raffles will happen whole day from 12noon to 8pm.  Let’s make this Saturday event different from our usual weekend.

Date is November 10,2012. Hope this will be helpful to mommies and daddies who like their child to experience some entre skills. Hop in!

GSM Cocktail Mix Challenge


One of my works on GSM Blue. Here’s a bit of contest for flair people out there.  I’ll be giving the details:

GSM Ko, Mix Ko Challenge!

Duration: September 25- October 29, 2012.


1. Create your own version of GSM Blue cocktail.
2. Submit us the photo of your own version GSM Blue cocktail final product with description (INGREDIENTS and PROCEDURE).
3. Please make sure the photo includes 3 bottles of GSMBlue.
4.Wait until we verify and upload your entry at the GSM Ko, Mix Ko Challenge! album at Facebook.
5.TAG, LIKE and SHARE your photos to your friends. Submission of entries is from September 25-October 29, 2012 only.

Determination of winners:

1. We will pick 10 finalists based on the number of likes on their submitted entry and the judgement of the management.
2. Top 10 finalists will automatically receive GSM Blue products and GSM Blue Flavors. The final 5 will receive basic bartending items. The grand winner on GSM Ko, Mix Ko! will receive a brand new Android Tab!
3. Announcement of winners will be on October 31, 2012.

Join now! Masarap Makihalo with GSM BLUE!

Click the link to join —-> GSM BLUE