The Agenda of Likes

You may gain a hundreds or thousands, it all depends on your skills how to lure people. If you are a marketing person or just a skeptical person who wants to know more about online marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s crack the code of social media in this article focusing on Facebook, which recently gained a billion users.

Are you joining a contest online? Probably launched by fan pages on Facebook? You are on the wrong side of the game if you are here for “worthy” and “fair” competition. In every competition on Facebook there is a huge amount of percentage that goes for the likes of an entry to win. When the winners are announced people are all complaining how disastrous and undeserving the winners are. People, this is the reality of our society today.

If you are a marketing person you know what I am talking about. Let me tell you a not so secret reason why fan pages invest on social media. The more people who liked their page the more chances of their products will have a recall on its users which leads to the main function of marketing, to sell and earn. These pages is not really giving away prizes or whatever they post. It is all part of the marketing. I am stressing this out because it seems that some people are still innocent and don’t really know whats happening.

Every page needs an engagement to people so their page will be visited once in awhile. Conducting contest is a big help in gaining likes on Facebook. These people are not willing to waste so much money or huge prizes on you. No matter what sweet nothings they will post like, “As a token of appreciation from us…”, “We love you now we are giving away this car just tag, like..”, “Join us and enjoy freebies and contests! We are friends here!” and the list goes on. Now, who don’t want to get a chance to have a car, a gadget or cash prize? It is an eye candy on the internet.

Business is business. Don’t join if you are looking for a pure worthy contest. Why? You don’t know if someone who joined the competition is related to that page, if there is, they will surely make that person win. Although some rules indicates that relatives or anyone associated to the brand is not eligible to win, how sure are you? Second, no matter what you do there is a percentage to be given on the number of likes. Mostly, the percentage of likes is the priority. So in a way the competition you joined will just be based on the number of likes, not the quality. It is a game of chance, you gamble. Join if you are in for fun only.

There are a numbers of ways to cheat in a competition with all the programming and autolike application. This is for everyone, joining a contest is all gamble. No matter how worthy and hard work you dedicated to it. Not all judges are the same, they have different preferences, different knowledge. There are few contests with a reasonable mechanics online. In the end the main objective is for them to gain likes on their page. It is the current trade today no matter how hard you complain, this is how sad our society turned out.




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