Starex Vector

Neon and light colors are my thing in POP ART. No, I am not an Andy Warhol fan. Actually I am getting a LOT of requests for a POP ART inspired posters for events and personal requests. I don’t really give a price when I do commissions as long as its a NON PROFIT ORG. Meaning you are not getting anything from the event itself or pay people.

This is a very simple vector and it didn’t took me an hour to finish this. Vector is different from Vexel art and digital art. Vector is purely made from scratch and gives us a clear view of geometric shapes. For an instance, vector images when zoomed still retains the HIGH RES quality while vexel and other gradient composed art deteriorates.

I will post the Sonata vectored some time. If you are interested to spread the good news, advocacy and good deeds by your art skills and wants to learn more you can simply contact me and I will give you the resources that you can use.

Sorry people who are emailing me for requests I am sorry that it took me a month before to reply. I’ve been busy for awhile. Approved requests will be emailed soon.

Have a happy day!


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