Simple Flash Game


For gamers and geeky studs out there this will help you to keep motivated because of my noob skills here. You can do better than this! I made this Mario type game 64bit Nintendo themed jump and die type of game for about 25 minutes. Yes, 25 minutes in total but the graphics, character and background is done already in Adobe Photoshop ( you can use any version of Adobe Photoshop.)

Basically this is a Flash game with scripts (take note of the script because that is an essential in every flash game or website development based in flash.) Once you have the BASIC idea of Adobe series you can easily study the interface of Adobe Flash CS4. Now, I am encouraging some studs and kid at heart there who are interested on gaming and publishing on the web or android to create their own game and share it to the public. It was pretty fun making the game and discovering new softwares at the same time.

I’ll be ending this with a pinball mode, “Pang!”.


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