Getting Rid of Gossips

Not a big deal? Why do GOSSIPS lessens your work productivity and brain. Remember these things:

1. Great minds think/ discuss about theories and concepts.
2. Normal minds think/ discuss about the currents news and subjects.

Lastly, low/ attention seekers people talk and likes gossips and telling lies. So I would like to borrow this tips from Vaninna Tenorio-Davidon.

In every organization or company, there will always be this one person who thinks she has the goods on everyone. The office gossip is the company’s walking tabloid-she seems to know who’s just been hired, who’s about to be fired, who’s having an affair with whom, or who’s having money problems.

The office gossip loves to sit and chat with curious officemates eager to hear the latest stories about the people they work with. She enjoys having that sense of power by claiming to have knowledge of a co-worker’s “bad behavior.” Take note, however, that the information the office gossip spreads may be twisted versions of the truth–even outright lies. Enjoying being the center of attention, the office gossip-in her quest to deliver the goods-will not hesitate to use innuendoes and hints to bait co-workers for some interesting stories. She can also decide to spread malicious rumors about anyone in the office, even without provocation.

So how does one deal with the office gossip?

  1. When she comes to your cubicle to chat, you can just politely nod your head as though listening to her tales. However, never ever give your two cents’ worth on the gossip she’s just shared. She could twist or exaggerate your comments to sow even more dissent in the office.
  2. Keep your nose clean by not participating in gossip yourself. Set a reputation as someone who shuns these unproductive activities. Also, don’t share anything about yourself and always do your work properly. Never give the gossip the opportunity to diss you or make up nasty claims about you.
  3. Lastly, you can always try the direct approach. The office gossip tends to be vague when telling stories in order to draw you out, so insist that she explain or clarify more fully. Realizing that you’re not one to accept her narrative at face value, she will most likely stop from saying more, since she would have to embellish her story, which is more often than not already a fabrication.

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