A Kiddie Bazaar

Been adjusting this series of posters and PR materials. Anyhow here’s one of my works for a kiddie bazaar. In case you are wondering around this is run by kids. Yes, RUN BY KIDS with all caps.

I also worked on the website itself and managing different brand pages for years now. If you want to see the website I made you can visit it here: Junior Preneur.

The Junior Preneur Bazaar is a venue where kids can start early on being business oriented. A 1-day event full of activities presented by our sponsors and partners. Probably will just post a bit here cause I already filled the website with all the infos.

With over 3,000 kids expected to participate in the said event, the pre-Christmas bazaar serves as an early training for business minded tots. Tiendesitas is the place to be on November 10, 2012.  A major venue for events show casting Filipino Excellence!  Lots of other activities in one location for the whole family.

Of course, Games and Raffles will happen whole day from 12noon to 8pm.  Let’s make this Saturday event different from our usual weekend.

Date is November 10,2012. Hope this will be helpful to mommies and daddies who like their child to experience some entre skills. Hop in!


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