A Blessed Christmas

You know what I vividly remember when I am a child was these car scene. Me and my cousins are at the back seat and my tito and late tita is at the front seat. We are all shouting and doing crazy stuff at the back. I was the eldest in the group of kids that time. I heard my tito telling my tita, “Bakit mo pa kasi sinama yung mga bata eh.” with a dissapointed face. My tita then answered back, ” Ano ka ba, children are God’s blessings.” I always like my tita’s sunny disposition in life. I don’t know why it hit me for years. Seriously, I always remember that line from my deceased tita. I totally got into slumber and cried for nights when I found out she died of breast cancer. I always remember her as a warm and supportive woman who loves her family and who loves kids.

Children will always remember what you told them. How you make them felt, how you treat them as a kid. This may sound funny but it is true. At time you think a child can’t hear you, they feel what you mean towards them. A child have a sense if a person is good natured or not. That is why feeding opinions, beliefs and practices starts as a kid. Treat them well with love, care and respect. Nourish their spirit and as much as possible don’t physically hurt a child for his or her misbehaving. I believe this is not an answer.

I am sharing this for as we all know Christmas is usually joyful and anticipated by kids. If you want to bringing the Joy and Hope of Jesus this Christmas to these kids…  they really need your help. You can contact them here.

Gift Giving 2012


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