Love as I See It

You have the power to inspire all people from different cultures with such energy. ..

There is a mystery in every smile. Truth is it is often longing for an answer.

But the type one longs for is a smile that cracks you up comfortably.

A smile that makes giggles in all forms of colors. The one that breaks boundaries!

The feeling of butterflies in your tummy!  A solid burst of laughter and freedom.

You carry it everywhere, you carry it all the time.

A smile with such calmness and warmth with undivided attention,

is a smile asking for an answer…

“Can I keep you?”

*Here it is! For all the smiles and inspiration from you guys! Thanks for Sienna and Michelle (models).

This is my entry on island rose and I hope you would visit their site too. It is extremely romantic!

I am caught with the services and goodies at their official site. Better check it.

Stay inspired!


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