A Little Bit of Heaven

The crowd is simply in gasp when I arrived at the 2012 Pink O Matic Writers League at the Makati Shangrila Hotel on the asian resto. Guess what? The bludgeoning movie of Merell Strip is on!

Almost a fair number admire her. Anyways I picked the right amount of food at the service area cause I never knew that we will be setting it off around 2am already! Too much book geeks are there and I can’t really miss the opportunity to discover and share ideas with these great people.  It was actually posting my sonnet on the freedom wall area when the Saramago books arrived. Great! Fully Booked made my day! I just want to read everything there!
The literature arena is indeed a place for someone like me. Ben Singkol is on the list of top books for my age at the poll area.  The night is filled with merriment with no politics—- involved. That’s great since it focused more on the artistic side of the writers. I need to cut this short and will solemnly swear to post the books this month!

Saramago is Saramago. Excellent!


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