Marikina Sapatos Festival 2012 Launch

Do you like or want quality and trendy, yet inexpensive shoes? “Walk this Wayto Marikina.

Marikina is living up to its tag of being the ‘Shoe Capital of the Philippines’ when it launched this morning the 2012 Sapatos Festival. The program was held in front of the the newly constructed and conceptualized ‘Patio Del Zapateros’ near the Marikina Shoe Museum along J.P. Rizal St., in Barangay Sta. Elena.

Shoe shoppers are invited inside ’Patio Del Zapateros’ for the best deals in Marikina shoes.  Shoe tripping to this place will give you a glimpse of  history, of how the industry of ‘sapatos’ started in the Marikina one hundred twenty (125) years ago, through the Marikina Shoe Museum (which is close to the ancestral house of the father of ‘shoemaking industry’ in Marikina, Don Laureano Guevarra or Kapitan Moy); and a huge selection of quality and affordable Marikina-made shoes ready for shopping!

(Some of the shoes on sale at the ‘Patio Del Zapateros’)

Tip: Don’t forget to haggle (politely) with shoe salespersons at the fair. Use your charm to get better bargains! :D


Credits to visit her blog here.


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