Marikina City’s Ka-Angkan Festival

Ka-Angkan Festival is a celebration of kinship and solidarity among Marikeños. It recognizes the families who have settled in the region for at least a hundred years. The theme has always been “Ka-angkan Ko, Mabuting Tao” (My clan member is a good person) which promotes the values and good qualities of the Marikeños. This annual celebration gathers all native Marikeños for a whole day of fellowship with their kin.  Even those who have already settled abroad would come back to their hometown every year for this event.

The day starts with the gathering of Marikeños for a parade of clans. Each clan has their own colors and unique banners or pennants that proclaim the nicknames bestowed on their clan. Clan nicknames are given based on the clan’s way of life, or prominent traits and behavior seen in most clan members. The multi-clan Marikeños would proudly march with their kin and wave their banners in a parade accompanied by festive music from drums and bugles of local marching bands. Some clan members would show off their stunts during the parade adding pizzaz to the event. It is usually followed by a program which educates the youngsters on the origin of the clan and their nicknames and serves as a showcase of Marikeño clans’ talent.

This festival shows how a progressive city proudly honors its roots and tradition while enjoining the new generation to preserve its family values and recognize the goodness in every member of the society.


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