Commercial Places in Marikina

Marikina has three major shopping malls, one of which is the SM City Marikina which sits at the corner of Marcos Highway and East Marikina Riverbanks Service Road in Calumpang.  It is the newest branch of the Philippine’s  largest mall chain owned by SM Prime Holdings and currently stands as the larges mall in Eastern Metro Manila and the whole of Rizal province.  Its 5-storey structure houses  a department store, a hypermarket, an entertainment hall, 8 cinemas, and various shops and boutiques for apparel, shoes, accessories, and home appliances.  Outside the building is a large parking lot complemented by a multi-level carpark.

The most upscale among these is the Blue Wave Mall at the Marquinton Complex along Sumulong Highway in Sto. Niño.  Aside from the usual amenities and features of a shopping mall, such as retail shops and a supermarket, , Blue  Wave is considered as Marikina’s premiere leisure entertainment center with its 4 state-of-the-art cinemas, cafes, and fine dining restaurants.


The Riverbanks Mall, the third mall in Marikina, is found at the city’s riverside commercial and recreation center, aptly called the Marikina Riverbanks Center.  The mall offers the usual convenience afforded by modern shopping center, such as a department store, a supermarket, shops and stalls for clothes, shoes, and cellphones, as well as various popular fastfood chains.  Located within the center are other retail shops, restaurants, and several offices, a hotel, and the Philippine Science Centrum.

Marikina’s leisure and entertainment centers—the Marikina River Park and Blue Wave Mall—host a variety of bars and restaurants.  The Marikina River Park is a favorite night spot among the locals because of the abundance of music bar/restaurants found in the area coupled with the scenic night view of the river.  Some of the prominent establishments at the park are Riverfront Grill, After Six Bar and Lounge, East 53 Bar & Grill Restaurant, and Tabing Ilog Bar (Riverside Bar).

Meanwhile, Blue Wave Mall mostly has family-oriented dining establishments, such as Max’s Restaurant, Big Buddha, Hotshots, Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties, Yellow Cab Pizza, and Shakey’s.

The whole stretch of A. Tuazon  Avenue (Gil Fernando Avenue)  also has notable sport bars, drinking joints, night clubs, and restaurants lining both sides of the street.  Some establishments found there  include the Anahaw Grill & Restaurant, Jerry’s Seafoods, Kubo Sa Tuazon, Rivergold Grill & Resto Bar,  BITE Resto Bar, 51 Sixty Seven Billiard Hall, and Time Rusher Billiard Hall.
Quick guide: Graceland Plaza, C&B, Riverbanks, SM City Marikina.


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