A Glimpse of the Shoe Capital

When in comes to educating kids about culture and heritage, Marikina  City is one of the best spots you can visit.  At the center of the city are several landmarks, museums, churches and parks that give your kids a glimpse of the city’s history and heritage.  Half a day’s trip can already get you a handful of tidbits and information about the city and its industry.

Popular Spots include: Marikina Shoe Museum, Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church, Café Kapitan Restaurant, Doll Museum, Marikina Sports Park, Teatro Marikina, Philippine International Footwear Center, Marikina River Park, Philippine Science Centrum, and World of Butterflies.

The City’s Cultural, Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotions Office offers several tour packages at very affordable rates that you and your family can choose from.

The Walking Tour and City Tour allow you to see and experience the culture and history of Marikina City through its various museums, landmarks and sceneries.

The Industrial Tripping package gives you access to the different manufacturing factories located in the city.

Food Trip package introduces the gustatory wonders created by Marikeños for the enjoyment of both local and foreign tourists.

Bike Tours for the eco-friendly and sporty tourists or for parents who would like to teach their kids about biking and road safety.  This is one way to promote the use of bicycles in getting around the city and at the same time reduce our carbon footprint for a cleaner and greener environment.

Whatever package you decide on, a visit to Marikina City is definitely worth your trip!


*credits to http://www.shoecapitalcity.net


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