Sapatero Festival 2012 Trip!


Here’s my little contribution!
I am at the Patio Del Zapateros this afternoon and the place is really nice! In fact there is a resto you can hang out at the patio. This is perfect for barkada and family bondng since there are many resto’s and food chains around Sta.Elena, Marikina City.

I am really thrilled that there are many Marikina brands who participated. The shoe stalls are located inside the Patio Del Zapateros building and some stalls are located outside the building. I noticed the big ensembles at the stage and the little shoe museum inside the patio (Note: This is different from the Shoe Museum nearby). There is a feel good ambiance and the place is spacious outside where there are lots of scenery you can take pictures if you are into photogs.

The signage is classic and I just can’t let it go without taking a picture of it! From shoes, sandals, boots and slippers, the Patio Del Zapateros have it! If you want quality more than quantity, this is the place for you! The shoes are authentic and you can tell it by the feel and texture of it. Although I focus more on mens shoes there are also ladies shoes and my cousins are begging me to get them one!

Kids are running around and I see couples checking out the place. You can really feel the merriment as Christmas is already approaching us! Visiting the place is one step on supporting our local shoemakers but patronizing the product is triple heartfelt. There is even a bonus because there is a shoe museum inside the Patio Del Zapateros!

We bought leather shoes and hang a little more after the shoe trip! If you are into shoes and looking for a perfect gift you may visit starting this September-December 2012!

Patio Del Zapateros is located near OLA Church and RCBC bank at Sta.Elena Marikina City.

Patio Del Zapateros Map

From Cubao/Katipunan you can ride an SSS Jeep/FX then tell the driver to drop you at “bayan” J.P Rizal St. at the first 7Eleven after the bridge. From 7Eleven ride a Calumpang jeep and tell the driver to drop you at OLA Church. If you are riding a Calumpang jeep from Cubao/Katipunan it is more easier.

Patio Del Zapateros is only infront of the church and beside RCBC bank. You can see the wooden signage easily.

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